“Angelina” by Daniel Galli

To celebrate the premiere of Daniel Galli's latest skateboarding film "Angelina," Cybercafé collaborated with Daniel, Dalmo Roger, Pop Skateshop, Betesga Skate Zine and Surge Skate Mag to create a special DIY skate spot for a skate session. Named after the film, this spot not only served as a backdrop for an exciting session but also became a gift to the community. After the session, we gathered at Estaço de Santo to watch the premiere of "Angelina." It was a moment filled with excitement and camaraderie as we watched Daniel Galli's new film among our circle of friends. Check out the recap of the day's events below to get a glimpse of the memorable moments. It's a tribute to the power of friendship, the DIY spirit, and the shared passion for skateboarding that brought us all together.


Photo by: Betesga Skate Mag
Photo by: Surge Skate Mag
Photo by: Guilhermo Guillis
Photo by: Guilhermo Guillis
Photo by: Surge Skate Mag


"Angelina" is a brand-new skateboarding video created by our talented friend Daniel Galli. It features an incredible lineup of skaters such as Thaynan Costa, Lucas Marques, Leo Favaro, Adilson Pedro, Carlos Iqui, Tallys Jr, Didrik Galasso (Deedz), Madalena Galantes, Yuri Facchini, and many more. The entire video was filmed on the streets of Portugal. Get ready for an 18-minute journey filled with genuine friendship, good times, a carefully curated soundtrack, and exceptional filmmaking that showcases Daniel Galli's remarkable creativity and dedication. So sit back, relax, and let "Angelina" immerse you in pure excitement.


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