"Casi" A video by Lea Meny

 “CASI” is a cross-cultural street video project filmed and edited by Lea Meny and brought to life by Marine Bourdais. Marine conceived the idea of creating a full video project solely involving female skateboarding. She reached out to her friend Lea Meny from Berlin, who handled the filming, and Luzzie from Marseille, responsible for photography and zine creation.

 Together, they brainstormed ideas and scouted skaters: Madalena Galante from Lisbon and Maria Gibert from Barcelona were discovered trough friends in commom and internet, for their unique skating styles, ensuring diversity within the crew. The team embarked on trips to Lisbon, Las Palmas, and Paris, capturing the essence of each location's architecture and skate scene. 

 The project had two exhibitions to release the video, accompanied by food, drinks, and zine distribution, one at Nozbone Paris and the other here in Lisbon at our shop, hosted by Lea and Madalena for our friends and community. The video is online now on Solo skate mag channels. 

Pictures by Luzzie

Madalena 5050 Grind
Madalena, Ride the Rock
Marine, Drop To Boardslide
Marine, Nose Drop
Maria, Bs Wallride
Maria, Blunt Bs Out

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