Cybercafé Embroidery Logo Tee NYC Lookbook

This trip happened by chance. We met the four of us in NYC for a short business trip, and, by chance, our new embroidered logo tees were freshly finished out of the factory the day before. So, we packed some tees in our luggage. When we arrived in NYC, we headed straight to B&H to buy some film rolls and take some pictures. A major shout-out to Galli, André, Gui, Felipe, Zach, Noah, Emilio, Dana, Lorelei and many more. We hope to see you all as soon as possible for a full skate trip.

Cybercafé Tee
Galli Wearing Cybercafé Tee

Our tees are 220 gsm 100% open end cotton, pre-shrunk, slightly over sized fit, made in Portugal, featuring premium embroidery on heavyweight fabric. Make sure to get yours soon.

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